Thursday, 13 May 2010

Here comes the bride...

Today I'm sitting among all the fashion students on the verge of sneezing my brains out due to the high percentage of hairspray in the air. I'm on my second day of shooting for a BA1 fashion group who have all made bridal corsets. I had a great time yesterday and got some fantastic images that I'll be sharing (I'll have a LOT more free time after today, editing here I come!). Since I'm waiting for makeup and hair to be finished by the hairdressing and makeup students from another campus, there's no reason to panic even though we're running 30 mins over schedule. I'm reasonably happy watching students use tools that look like they were designed for torture and learning about what they're actually meant for.

Again today I have 3 models in the morning and 4 in the afternoon, thankfully we've been blessed with good weather again today so if need be we can work outside. The second group yesterday were certainly keen on doing that and I can't blame them, we got some gorgeous shots with some blossom trees and a willow. The lawnmower man was adamant that he'd be included in some of the shots however. Bring on content aware fill from CS5. I'll have it some day I'm sure. The corsets were all lovely and there's some more interesting ones on the way. Not all have finished yet in true student style :P Everything is ready and waiting, so while I carry on waiting I'll put my laptop on charge and hope I can get everything done in the time given. I'm quietly confident it'll all get done :)

EDIT: Disaster strikes! Well, sort of. My camera battery had less juice in it than I thought it did. It has about 20% left but I have the college's Canon 450D on backup (and currently on charge). Course, the only day I don't bring in my camera charger too is the day I need it. From now on I'm never leaving the house without it. Lesson learnt!

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