Wednesday, 28 April 2010

An amazing response!

Today went pretty well. I'd arranged to see the textiles and fashion students over the course of the day who'd asked me to take photographs of their work. I'm overwhelmed by the response I've had to my poster (in a good way!). The textile student who texted me the other day brought along her friend and also somebody else who both want me to take photos for them, and the fashion group had 5 there today but the lady who texted me told me that there was about another 10 of them missing. So that's 15+ 3rd year fashion students and 3 textiles students. The range of subjects and garments is fantastic - I'm especially looking forwards to photographing a 4 or 5 month old baby with the mother in a gorgeous blanket made by the designer. It sounds absolutely adorable :D I'm really looking forwards to the other shoots too - for example the bridal one sounds interesting as it's a subject in which I expect to learn a couple of things and I've no doubt that the work will be amazing. I'll also be doing at least one location shoot in the Botanical Gardens of Wales. I love how I'm always learning by doing this. I think it's important to keep an open mind to new ideas, techniques and styles. Experimentation in my photography is something I really enjoy and find yields great results for all involved.

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