Wednesday, 28 April 2010

An amazing response!

Today went pretty well. I'd arranged to see the textiles and fashion students over the course of the day who'd asked me to take photographs of their work. I'm overwhelmed by the response I've had to my poster (in a good way!). The textile student who texted me the other day brought along her friend and also somebody else who both want me to take photos for them, and the fashion group had 5 there today but the lady who texted me told me that there was about another 10 of them missing. So that's 15+ 3rd year fashion students and 3 textiles students. The range of subjects and garments is fantastic - I'm especially looking forwards to photographing a 4 or 5 month old baby with the mother in a gorgeous blanket made by the designer. It sounds absolutely adorable :D I'm really looking forwards to the other shoots too - for example the bridal one sounds interesting as it's a subject in which I expect to learn a couple of things and I've no doubt that the work will be amazing. I'll also be doing at least one location shoot in the Botanical Gardens of Wales. I love how I'm always learning by doing this. I think it's important to keep an open mind to new ideas, techniques and styles. Experimentation in my photography is something I really enjoy and find yields great results for all involved.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Busy Bee

I've been so busy over the past few weeks, and it's been so much fun. Starting from my last post, a week after it I went to New Word Alive, then started my third and final term for this year (year 1 is almost over!), and then the photoshoot requests started rolling in like nobody's business. All very, very good things to have happen. I had to re-read one of my texts as I'd missed that it wasn't just one person but an entire group that were asking me to take photos of their work. What's more, it's a bridal project. I think this might mean it has something to do with weddings, though I could be wrong if it's some terminology I'm unfamiliar with :P I'm going to take the literal stance with this. If I'm right, it also means that I could well have some content in my rapidly growing portfolio that could set me up to take wedding photos should I so choose. Bonus!

Anyway, back to New Word Alive. In short, I loved it. Every single minute. I especially liked lying under the stars next to the beach at night taking long exposures. The talks were of course very good with several fantastic speakers. Jerry Bridges was so popular in fact that they had to change venues for him. I went to one of his talks but that was all I managed. I'd have gone to more but there were so many things I wanted to go and listen to it kinda got put to one side. Several of the things I wanted to go see happened at the same time too. I learnt after my first full day there that it was very easy to burn yourself out from going to too many things, Jonathan (our church pastor who was also there with his family) wasn't wrong there. One morning I'd wandered down to listen to Jerry Bridges talk and sent a text to a friend of mine who I knew would probably be going too. I got told that he was in fact going to Snowdon with a bunch of others. I figured he wasn't going to invite me so I invited myself. One of the best things I did for myself all week :D I literally ran back to my caravan and got changed, made myself a packed lunch and grabbed my camera equipment. Not too long after all this he turned up and led me to the 2 or 3 cars that were waiting.

It took us all around 45 minutes to get there from where we were staying. It was a fantastically sunny day which by this point wasn't anything new (it was glorious sunshine all week). The views on the way there were wonderful. I got a little concerned that I'd be too cold in my shorts and t-shirt, I had a jumper though so I figured I'd be fine. I was. I was actually glad I was wearing shorts about a third of the way into the walk because your legs heat up so much from the constant movement that to wear anything else that day would have been fairly uncomfortable. We passed quite a few on the way up, and there was one scary event where a german shepherd slipped its collar and started trying to find a quick way down. It wasn't a fantastic scene to witness. Thankfully everything was fine though. I took pictures of the views all the way up which can be found here on my Flickr photostream. We got to the summit about 2 and a half hours later, and it took us another 2 hours or so to get to Llanberis which is the village at the foot of the mountain. All in all it was an amazing experience and I'd do it again without hesitation. The views are simply stunning. It's good exercise too! Out of the week, that was my favourite day. The day after was pretty good too. Next year I'll make sure I bring proper walking shoes. Trainers were fine but my ankle has been playing up.

It wasn't long after I got back home to South Wales that I started to get back into the swing of college work again. I did two photoshoots with a different model than originally planned since the designer's model had cancelled on her at the last minute. Needless to say it was irritating for both of us because not only had I come in that day just for that shoot, I had the studio booked for the entire day. I either had to find somebody and hoped it went well or just cancel the entire thing and rearrange. Obviously, the second option wasn't viable. Thankfully I remembered a model from a previous shoot who turned out to be pretty good at modelling. She was up for it and came to the studio. The clothes looked fabulous on her and she did an excellent job, saving the day. I'm still editing those photos though and need model release forms, so I'll be getting those up soon (along with the other photos I said I'd get up but never did).

With my portfolio growing this quickly, I figure it's about time I have my website up and running. I have more than enough content for it, so it's just a matter of finding out what I want it to look like, what I have to design, and then stitching it all together. I'm aiming to get it done in a week or two.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Ok, so here's two photos I edited a little in photoshop from the Alice shoot. Not a lot done to them really. I cloned out the background where it was needed, removed any shadows on the infinity curve and changed the skin tone slightly. Blacks were enhanced and a warming filter was applied to the second photo. If you'd like a more in-depth explanation, feel free to ask me over at Flickr where I'll be adding more photos. You'll find a link to my photostream over on the right :)