Sunday, 27 March 2011


This was an idea that came to mind one evening, just for a bit of fun and something different. It morphed a bit from the original idea, which was to have the eye with the pattern peeping out between some hair. I messed my hair up to give the image more texture, and decided I liked it better this way :) View it larger over at Flickr!

Planning page is here -

Behold, my rushed handwriting.
So, as you can see, quite different! Natural lighting also morphed into studio lighting using just one light. I used my favourite modifier - the huge beauty dish. It gives a wonderful quality of light. It was positioned about 30 - 45ยบ from me, almost right next to the camera. I played around with the settings until I got a brightness I liked (I forgot the exact settings, sorry!).

The pattern that I used in the eye can be found here and is by Patrick Hoesly.

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  1. That planning page made me chuckle. My awful lefty handwriting makes yours look like the original Declaration of Independence.

    Like the blog, BTW. Great photeye.