Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A view of what's to come...

Recently I had an idea for a new shoot. This shoot will be different to my usual sort though...this time the model will be yours truly. It'll be a portrait kind of image, though my emphasis will remain strongly on fashion themes. So it's a lot less about me, and more about the final image. I'll just be sitting there looking dolled up to the nines.

I'm hoping the images turn out the way I want them to and the way I envision them in my mind's eye. It'll be fun and an exercise though so I'll get at least something out of it.

The website is coming along. I've not worked on it for a few days to give myself a break and to come up with new content for the gallery section. I'm also working on my summer project. Here's a preview of my site to date:

I was so happy when I got lightbox working! It took a bit of faffing around but I got there in the end. Still a WIP, obviously, so some of the images in the gallery section are just placeholders.


P.S. Watch this space for updates on my new shoot idea.

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