Sunday, 24 January 2010

New Word Alive

Last year I got invited to a Christian conference that spans 5 days and has all kinds of Christian meetings and activities to take part in in an event called New Word Alive. Unfortunately, I couldn't go for various reasons. However, thankfully I got invited again this year and after checking if the dates coincided with my degree course (they don't) I found out I could go! It's located in Pwllheli North Wales and I really can't wait, I'm so looking forwards to it. Trouble is it's in April, so I've got quite a wait to go yet. You can find out more about the event here.

Another reason I'm looking forwards to going there is the surrounding scenery as the event is located just outside of Snowdonia National Park. I'm going to take my camera so I can (hopefully) get some snaps of the mountainous countryside. I'm fairly sure it's near the beach too so I might even get some nice beach shots in (if it's not too crowded with people, that is ;) ). I'll probably be uploading them somewhere on the web, whether that be on Flickr, here or my website (which is still just a concept in my mind at the moment). As a side note, I've learnt from my recent trip to London that it's not usually a wise idea to take a tripod with you if your sole reason for going *isn't* photography, as you end up lugging it around ruefully everywhere you go. So any tripod I get (unless minute or carbon fibre) will be staying at home this time!

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